Many people are confused by or curious about home staging. So what is it and what is it not? For starters, home staging is NOT:

  • Interior decorating
  • Selling furniture
  • Something anyone can do

Instead, home staging is about selling the home by presenting buyers with the potential of the space. In fact, staging a home requires skills which can be very costly for sellers. Typically, a professional stager has a minimum fee of $1,500. However, at Micki Blackburn Realty, we lead the home sales industry in home staging. We have several accredited home stagers on staff, and – as an added bonus – we offer to stage your home at no cost. Our goal is to sell your home as quickly as possible for the maximum profit to you.

Don’t believe the difference that home staging can make? Here are some statistics that prove the benefits of home staging:

  • Homes that are professionally staged have an average market time of 37 days.
  • Homes that are NOT professionally staged average 136 days on the market.
  • Homes that are staged average a minimum of 3% higher sale price than unstaged.

Take advantage of our home staging services today!


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