Micki Blackburn Host Clermont Police Department Lunch

Micki Blackburn has been heavily involved in South Lake for years. She recently held an appreciation luncheon for the Clermont Police as a show of support and to counteract negative publicity about law enforcement nationwide.

Micki Blackburn brings more than four decadesĀ of knowledge and caring to her real estate clients

Article by Terri Wells from The South Lake Tablet

When you’re looking to buy or sell your home, you want someone who has deep knowledge of the area. Few people have deeper knowledge than Micki Blackburn. Having lived in the area since 1954, Blackburn and her agents will do their best to get you the best deal.

Blackburn’s real estate agency deals in both commercial and residential property. She also handles rental management for both kinds of property. And she does it all with a personal, caring touch that she honed back in her days as a history school teacher.

“My challenge was to make it interesting,” she recalled. “And I taught American history through the presidents and their personalities, and how that influenced events.”

Even in those days, Blackburn sold real estate part-time. She’s been in the business now for 44 years, having transitioned to doing it full-time decades ago out of her love of the area and the people in it.

“I love helping people find something they can afford, and getting them the best value,” she explained. Blackburn understands how important it is to get the best value, whether her client is buying or selling.

“When you’re an 86-year-old and you’re selling your home, that’s all the money you’re going to have,” she elaborated.

Blackburn’s warm, open personality led to her involvement in some of the most social groups in the area, such as Clermont’s historical society and the Philosopher’s Club.

“I enjoy that the Philosopher’s Club has extremely diverse views and intense discussions, and nobody gets angry,” she gushed.

Blackburn is also involved with the South Lake Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the hospice board.

When not helping clients or involved in civic activities, Blackburn enjoys gardening, both here and on her North Carolina property. “It’s totally different there,” she revealed, going on to discuss how the simple matter of water drainage from the soil can make a big difference.

If you’re ready to put down roots here in Clermont, contact Micki Blackburn Realty at 352-394-6611 or online at www.mickirealty.com. Her office is located at 450 East Highway 50, suite 4, in Clermont.

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